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Meet MindRhythm

MindRhythm is a medical technology company focused on preventing neurological injury. Founded by world-renowned scientific experts with significant commercialization success, MindRhythm’s monitoring technology provides real-time visibility to life-threatening situations at home, in an EMS setting, on the battlefield, during surgery, and in the ICU.

MindRhythm’s technology allows clinicians to intervene, optimize and manage care to prevent brain damage. Collaborating with the healthcare community, MindRhythm looks to apply a systematic approach to reducing time to treatment in strokes and prevention of primary and secondary injury in a variety of neurological conditions.


With 800,000 strokes occurring each year, stroke is the 5th leading cause of death. This death toll can be partly attributed to the fact that there is no way to objectively diagnose between stroke types resulting in confusion of treatment needs between a patient who is experiencing a Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) versus a Small Vessel stroke in an EMS setting.

This often leads to misdiagnosis, and ineffective triage to a hospital that may not have the necessary treatment capabilities as most hospitals do not have the technology to treat LVOs​. Sending patients to the wrong hospital can have catastrophic patient results and negative financial impact to the patient and system.


69 million suspected concussions occur globally with approximately 4 million of those occurring in the United States alone. A significant proportion of these concussions are a result of recreational, student, or professional sports injuries wherein 40 percent of those athletes return to play prematurely.

Without proper monitoring of recovery from concussion these victims are at risk for additional neurological damage.  A second concussion that occurs while the brain is in recovery mode has significant deleterious effects to the sufferer resulting in permanent neurological disability, or in certain cases, death.

The MindRhythm Cranial Accelogram

MindRhythm developed a novel, noninvasive, diagnostic, medical device that produces a unique biomarker with multiple clinical applications. Today, the device is designed to rapidly identify patients with Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) strokes and monitor recovery from concussion via detection of a specific physiology discovered by MindRhythm. LVO stroke patients will benefit from rapid transport to a Comprehensive Stroke Center (CSC) that have the physicians, technologists and equipment needed to remove the clot.

In patients with concussion, MindRhythm’s systematic approach to timely detection, monitoring, and management will allow for a safe recovery from impact. Concussion is an independent risk factor for stroke, meaning that improving management early with the MindRhythm device could prevent future strokes.

MindRhythm’s finely tuned proprietary technology and communication strategy effectively triages patients, monitors their recovery, communicates patient data, to ready treatment teams optimizing patient treatment and outcomes.

Improving Outcomes

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